Gray & Co Solicitors Successfully Defend Innocent Chester Taxi Driver

Gray & Co Solicitors Successfully Defend Innocent Chester Taxi Driver

Readers in the Chester area may remember a case reported in Local Newspaper ‘The Leader’ which saw local taxi driver Mr Mohammed Islam accused of three instances of sexual harassment by female passengers.
Gray & Co Solicitors are pleased to announce another successful defence after proving the innocence of Mr Islam following our representation in court, leading to the confirmation that this was in fact an unfortunate case of mistaken identity.

Adam Antoszkiw, a key member of the Gray & Co team had this to say on the case:

Gray and Co are very pleased Mr Islam has now been acquitted of these crimes but we too are mindful that the victims of these assaults still wait for the real offender to be brought to justice.
Mr Islam has always maintained his innocence. His belief that another man was responsible for these assaults is vindicated today by his acquittal.
This case shows the alarming dangers that will become increasingly more apparent through the cuts already made to the Criminal Justice Service. A significant miscarriage of justice has been witnessed as a direct consequence of these cuts. Potentially crucial evidence was not examined on financial grounds. Only when further investigation undertaken by us to produce enhanced CCTV and cell site analysis have we managed to prove Mr Islam is not guilty of the offences. Had it not been for the financial support of his family these further investigations could not have been carried out.
This case illustrates the importance of legal aid in our justice system and the reason why access to it should not be cut any further. Legal aid is not simply there for those who have committed offences but those who are wrongly accused. Mr Islam is a law abiding citizen who 12 months ago would never have thought he would require a criminal defence firm like Gray and Co to represent him. The reality is, Mr Islam is exactly the sort of person legal aid should seek to protect.

Following the closure of the case, Mr Islam made the following statement:

Today marks the end of what has been the most difficult 12 months of my life and would like to thank my friends and family who have supported me throughout. The past 12 months have been very difficult for me, my wife and my children who also suffered as a result of my original conviction.
These allegations have meant I have been unable to work and earn a living to support my family as a taxi driver and prevented from doing the job I have done in Chester for the past 10 years, am grateful to my solicitors Gray & Co and my barrister Matthew Curtis for helping me clear my name.
Whilst I am delighted to have my name cleared as I have always maintained I was not responsible for these assaults I am mindful that these ladies have been subject to inappropriate behaviour and the man responsible has not been brought to justice. hope that through the evidence provided to the CPS and Police they can bring the man responsible for the assaults to justice.
I am now keen to put this entire nightmare behind me and look forward to working again with my good reputation restored.
We could not be happier to have helped Mr Islam put this unfortunate incident behind him and help him maintain his innocence.
At Gray & Co Solicitors, we are dedicated to helping those who are seeking help and advice prove their innocence and clear their name. For expert legal help and advice, contact us today on 01244 344299.