Gray & Co successfully defends mother of two

Gray & Co successfully defends mother of two

A successful win for Gray & Co solicitors emerges following the suspended prison sentence of mother-of-two Rachel Darlington. She has been spared time in prison after financial hardship left her in a state of desperation.
Adam Antoszkiw, defending, stated, “This had been a lady of previous good character and your honor is right, this was not an offence of greed but of desperation.” As the verdict passed Judge Woodward summarised Darlington as a “Hardworking woman” who raised her two children independently. Despite her circumstances, before the offences surfaced she had hoped to pay back all of the money taken after selling her house.
“I also accept that you felt driven to this action because your modest income left you with extremely limited funds left to feed your family and quite simply the maths didn’t add up. You weren’t possibly ever going to manage on that sort of money” Judge Woodward said. As the suspended sentence was handed down, the defendant was thankful highlighting her good character.
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