Police to Clamp Down on Penalty Points Cheaters

Police to Clamp Down on Penalty Points Cheaters

New video speed gun cameras are to be trialled by police in a bid to minimise the ability for drivers to lie about who was behind the wheel whilst caught speeding. A recent survey revealed that it’s possible over 300 000 drivers have accepted penalty points for an offence they haven’t committed since 2001. Of the 2031 drivers surveyed 1% admitted they had accepted points on their licence on behalf of a relative or friend over the last decade. With approximately 36.6 million drivers on the roads in Britain, it’s possible over 300 000 motorists have taken points for another driver.

Sharing isn’t Caring

The survey conducted by ICM unveiled that 5% of drivers would accept the points of a friend or relative. Although this may seem like a generous gesture, both drivers are committing a criminal offence by delegating points between one another. Further questions concluded that two-thirds of the surveyed motorists would take a fellow driver’s points to prevent their ability to drive being suspended. A driver who already has 9 points on their licence could face a driving ban if they’re caught speeding again. This is thought to be one of the main reasons behind such penalty point cheating.

Speed Guns to Shoot Down Offenders

The new speed gun video cameras which are to be trialled soon will name and frame offending drivers, police have warned. The new cameras will not only capture the speed of the car, but also an image of the driver. This makes penalty point cheating evermore difficult as police will have concrete evidence of the driver behind the wheel. Many drivers are unaware of the severity of point sharing and the police are aiming to crack down on offenders.

Fighting Your Corner

The new speed guns could spark a rise in the number of motoring offence cases. If you’ve been accused of speeding you should always seek legal advice from a motoring offence solicitor who can help to defend your case. For cases which threaten to put your licence in jeopardy, the backing of a specialist such as Gray and Co could prove invaluable for protecting your licence and avoiding hefty fines.