Retired police officer cleared of historical sex offences

Retired police officer cleared of historical sex offences

Successfully combating allegations spanning back 30 and 40 years retired former police officer Bryan Teeson, 56, wept in the docks after a not guilty verdict proved his innocence and he was acquitted of all charges. Mr Teeson endured two trials; the first jury were unable to reach a verdict over some of the charges that had been brought.
However, the second jury took less than an hour and a half to find him not guilty of all the allegations.
As the case closed, he issued a public statement through his solicitor’s representative, our very own Lorna Settle.
“This case has affected me greatly, mentally and physically,” he said, “my health has suffered as a consequence. I just want to get on with my life and put it all behind me. It has been a nightmare I never expected to have. My life has been on hold since November of last year,” he explained.
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