Michael C Gray

Michael C Gray

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Michael C Gray

  • Manchester Metropolitan University – LLB(Hons)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University – Diploma in Legal Practice 1996
  • Police Station Accredited Representative 1999
  • Admitted to the Roll 2000
  • Duty Solicitor 2001
  • Solicitor Advocate – Higher Courts Criminal 2003
  • Michael is a committee member of the Criminal Lawyers Solicitors Association.

Michael qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and since that time has specialised exclusively in criminal defence. He secured the Higher Rights Advocate (Criminal) qualification in 2003 and represents clients in the Crown Court, The Court of Appeal and at Court Martial in this country and in Germany. He has a particular interest in cases that are out of the ordinary or particularly complex. He is always prepared to challenge the authorities who prosecute and will seek judicial review of decisions when required. He works closely with some of the Country’s leading QCs in defending regulatory prosecutions and has experience of dealing with the press in high profile cases.

Michael founded Gray & Co in 2011 as a specialist criminal litigation practice. He feels strongly that criminal defence should only be conducted by solicitors who have decided to dedicate their professional lives to this area of law. Most of Michael’s clients now come to him following a recommendation, he travels extensively to represent his clients in this country and abroad.

Notable Cases

Regulatory Prosecutions

Michael has defended HMRC, Health & Safety, Environmental Agency, and Insolvency Service prosecutions which are often complex and require careful assessment of the evidence. Michael has worked with some of the country’s leading QCs to defend these matters.

Financial Crime

Michael has experience of the successful defence of high value financial crime including multi-million pound allegations of VAT fraud and money laundering. This is a complex area and requires a close eye for detail. Michael regularly instructs forensic accountants to assist in challenging the prosecution evidence in these cases.

Courts Martial

Michael has defended military personnel at Court Martial in cases ranging from Assaults to Drugs offences. The criminal law within a Military setting is a specialist area and Michael can lead his client through can what can often be a career/life changing process. Michael has travelled to Mainland Europe and Southern America to represent at Courts Martial.

Judicial Review

Michael has experience of taking cases to Judicial Review where the remedies in the lower courts have been exhausted. This area of work is challenging and requires an up to date knowledge of the law. These cases are usually conducted in London with the assistance of experienced barristers.

Case Stated

Michael occasionally deals with appealing the decisions of the Magistrates’ Court where there have been errors of law. To challenge the decision of a Magistrates’ Court by way of case stated requires an in depth knowledge of the law as it applies now. Michael is able to access all the resources necessary to be able to confidently advise on whether a decision can be appealed in this way.

County Lines

County Lines drugs prosecutions are now a regular feature in Michael’s practice. These cases often require careful consideration of the evidence, particularly where the prosecution rely on mobile phone data to bring a case to Court. Michael is able to identify the appropriate barristers and experts to deal properly with these cases.


This area of work is complex and Michael has been able to secure excellent results for his clients in these prosecutions. The firearms legislation provide for minimum sentences in certain situations and it is imperative that the facts alleged by the prosecution are accurate.

Police Powers

Michael is keen to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected and will not hesitate to challenge the police where they act in excess of their powers. The police are required to act within the law and in particular, they must use their powers in accordance with the provisions of the Police and Criminal Evidence 1984.

Michael is a committee member of the Criminal Lawyers Solicitors Association, a former Peer Reviewer for the Legal Aid Agency, a Solicitor Advocate, and a Duty Solicitor.