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Areas of Law

Assault and Battery Allegations

Here at Gray and Co Solicitors we deal with all types of assault allegations from the minor offences such as Common Assault to the more serious allegations such as Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH).  We have extensive experience of representing defendants in assault cases and can provide you with the legal advice and support in both […]

Benefit Fraud Solicitors

Benefit fraud is a very common offence which is frequently dealt with in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts, depending on the extent of the offence. The severity of each individual offence is usually based on the amount of money which was allegedly claimed fraudulently. If you’ve been accused of falsely claiming benefits and wish […]

Drug Offences Solicitors

Here at Gray and Co, we specialise in all aspects of drug related crime, from smaller offences that may be dealt with in the Magistrates Court, to large scale allegation of commercial supply in the Crown Court. As drug offence solicitors we have extensive knowledge and experience of supporting those accused with anything drug related. […]

Firearms Offences Solicitors

Here at Gray and Co Solicitors we regularly represent those charged with a range of firearm offences involving the use or possession of firearms. If you or someone you know has been accused of a firearms offence; ranging from the possession of a firearm to the importation of illegal firearms, we highly advise contacting our […]


Fraud Being investigated for alleged fraudulent crimes can be an extremely stressful for you and those close to you. Here at Gray and Co, we have a team of experienced and dedicated fraud solicitors who specialise in providing excellent support and a thorough defence against these kinds of allegations. If you require top class legal […]

Military Solicitors

Here at Gray and Co Solicitors we provide legal advice on all areas of criminal and military discipline. Our expert military solicitors also provide support at Barracks and have substantial experience of advising personnel posted in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan. Choosing a Military Solicitor for your Defence Being tried for any type of offence can […]

Motoring Offence Solicitors

Here at Gray & Co Solicitors we have a strong specialism in motoring offences, in fact, our motoring division is one of our busiest departments. We can provide a specialist and personal legal service because we have such extensive experience within the field of driving offences. We will give you the best possible chance of […]


Here at Gray and Co Solicitors we have expertise in dealing with a significant number of murder and attempted murder cases. Murder the most serious of all the criminal offences and if convicted, carries a mandatory life sentence. There are however, cases which initially appear to be ?murder? and end up as attempted murder or […]

Public Order Offences Solicitors

There are a wide range of criminal offences that can be categorised as Public Order offences. These can range from less serious cases such as being drunk and disorderly, to more serious offences such as taking park in a riot. Here you can find additional details about different sections of Public Order offences that are […]

Sexual Offences Solicitors

Here at Gray and Co Solicitors we have expertise in representing individuals accused of sexual offences. Such cases need to be handled extremely delicately and sensitively for both the victim and the alleged offender. Sexual crimes can be incredibly hard to deal with in court on your own and it is highly recommended that anyone […]

Theft Offences Solicitors

Theft Allegations These offences are generally defined as to appropriate property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it. Theft offences encompass theft from person, theft from shop (shoplifting) and breach of trust.  Offences related to theft can also include burglary and robbery which are far more serious and involve […]

Police Station Representatives

All of our solicitors are accredited to represent you at the Police Station.  To become an accredited representative you have to complete a long training process and pass exams to gain the qualification. Anyone who is to be interviewed under caution or under arrest has the Right to a Solicitor free of charge.  All you […]

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available for most offences. Any application for legal aid is assessed in a two-fold test: Interests of Justice This test considers the ‘merits’ of the case which can include your previous convictions, the nature of offence and any risk of custody. If this test is passed the next stage starts. Means Testing […]

Terrorism Law Solicitors

Gray and Co Solicitors are one of the UKs leading Criminal Defence specialists and now offer services that fall under the The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000, The Anti-Terrorism, Crime ad Security Act 2001, The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, The Terrorism Act 2006 and The Counter-Terrorism Act 2008. If you have been falsely stopped […]

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