Police Station Representatives

Police Station Representatives

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Police Station Representatives

Police Station Representatives

All of our solicitors are accredited to represent you at the Police Station.  To become an accredited representative you have to complete a long training process and pass exams to gain the qualification.

Anyone who is to be interviewed under caution or under arrest has the Right to a Solicitor free of charge.  All you have to do when you are in this position is to request ourselves and we will attend and review the evidence against you and advise you accordingly.  We actively represent you during your time while under investigation and ensure the Police are acting lawfully.  We are present during all police questioning of you and actively participate to ensure you are legally represented.


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We can provide specialist advice on matters at the Police Station, Magistrates’ Court, Youth Court and Crown Court. We provide advice to Armed Forces’ personnel at military interviews and court martial hearings both in the UK and abroad.

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