Is Crime in the Military on the Rise?

Is Crime in the Military on the Rise?

Military law infographic is now live on our website
Recently, we conducted a study into the number of court martial charges processed in the UK and the nature of the crimes behind the cases, and then created an informative infographic to visualise the data.

Patterns in the Data

As with any study on crime charges, we would have expected to see at least some level of violent or harmful conduct within the data, however the numbers shown in our new visual piece were surprising, even to us.
In the data, we found that a shocking 46.9% of cases were related to violent and harmful crimes, such as assault, battery and & sexual abuse/assault.
We could also conclude that there has been a concerning increase in the number of court martial charges from 2011 to 2013. In 2011, 323 charges took place in the UK, compared to a rather more substantial 564 during 2013. Overall this is an increase of 74% in just two years.
If you didn’t catch the link above, you can click here to view the infographic.

Experts in Military Law

At Gray & Co Criminal Defence Solicitors, military law is just one area of law that we deal with on a daily basis. Many of our past and current clients have fallen short of the military law both in the UK and when stationed abroad, and often consult us for expert help and advice.
We believe that while there are undoubtedly many cases where the guilty parties are justly punished and convicted, there are just as many cases where innocent members of the military are falsely accused, treated unjustly or given charges and punishments that are far too severe.
While we are unable to know the details of the cases involved in this study, we are almost certain that some of these cases would have resulted in an overly-severe punishment. While perpetrators of incredibly harmful and violent crimes should undoubtedly receive a fitting punishment, we are firm in the belief that many are given extreme punishments, and that is where our expert team of solicitors come in.

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