Gray & Co Solicitors case mentioned in an online piece from Chester First

Gray & Co Solicitors case mentioned in an online piece from Chester First

Another successful case from Gray & Co Solicitors makes the news after we ensured a Blacon delivery driver was spared jail time after the hardships of drug addiction wreaked havoc on his career.
After admitting to the theft and selling of several mobile phone handsets, Mr McNicholas, 37 faced jail time. Luckily, at Gray & Co Solicitors, we’re more than familiar with cases such as this, and understand that the knock-on effects of harsh financial punishment can have on offenders suffering from heavy debt and drug addiction.
Adam Antoskiw, defending, pleaded with magistrates to keep financial punishment to a minimum because of debt and problems with his mortgage payments.
Despite losing his job and almost losing his family, Mr McNicholas has made significant progress in addressing his issues and has sorted himself out; achieving this in spite of the stress that came with substantial debt, difficulty making mortgage payments and a troubled family life was a good indication of Mr McNicholas’ true intentions and character.

Gray & Co defence solicitor Adam Antoskiw commented:

“The financial situation for Mr McNicholas is dire. The level of debt is significant.
Magistrates sentenced McNicholas to an eight week suspended prison sentence, together with 250 hours of unpaid work, £475 costs, and an £80 victim surcharge.
We are thrilled to have helped Mr McNicholas, earning a reduced sentence and helping him begin rebuilding his life, and relationship with his family.​ If you are in need of legal assistance then please get in touch by completing our contact form or by calling to speak to one of our team on 01244 344299
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