The Role of Criminal Solicitors

The Role of Criminal Solicitors

The term ‘criminal law’ refers to the body of rules and legislation which defines that which is considered a crime within society. ‘Criminal law’ is also used in reference to the application of legal proceedings to establish an individual’s guilt when charged with a criminal offence and, if applicable, the establishment and administration of punishment for said crime. Even attempting to define criminal law in the loosest terms is a complicated matter – so full knowledge of all facets is a highly specialist area of expertise. Given the necessarily complicated and elaborate nature of criminal law, criminal solicitors are integral to the system and the administration of justice.
The practical role of the criminal solicitor can be incredibly varied due to the array of circumstances which require the knowledge and abilities of an expert in criminal law. The most high profile role is the representation in court of those who have been charged with a criminal offence. For all manner of criminal charges ranging from theft through to assault and even murder; the criminal solicitor is employed by the accused to represent their interests and act on their behalf in front of judge and/or jury. This task involves a great deal of research, planning and investigation in order to establish a complete, accurate and compelling defence for the accused with the hope of eliciting a not-guilty verdict or the most lenient punishment possible (dependent upon the circumstances). In addition to a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the law; a successful criminal solicitor or criminal defence lawyer must be able to speak confidently and authoritatively in a court of law whilst also demonstrating tenacity and clarity of explanation.
In addition to in-court representation; a criminal solicitor is also highly likely to represent those who wish to have legal assistance during the course of police station questioning in order to ensure that their legal rights aren’t breached. Similarly, a criminal solicitor’s services are invaluable to those who have been charged with minor motoring offences or other low-level criminal misdemeanours and who wish to get expert advice on the best course of action. Due to their extensive understanding of the machinations and subtleties of the legal process, a mere discussion with an expert criminal solicitor can be invaluable to those facing criminal proceedings of any severity.
From advising on speeding fines over the phone through to standing up in court on behalf of those accused of serious offences, a criminal solicitor performs a varied and extremely high pressured role. At all levels criminal solicitors are an essential component of the judicial system and can make the difference between freedom and incarceration for some people.
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